Oceans Gate Phase 2…

ADG were pleased to receive a great Christmas present from Plymouth City as they granted Planning Permission for Phase 2 of the Oceansgate Marine Industries Production Campus at Devonport Dockyard South yard.

We have been working with Kier Construction developing the detailed design and technical package for this world-class hub for marine industries that will create opportunities for research, innovation and production in a collaborative working environment. It is exciting for us as designers to be a part of the investment being made into future technologies and industry start-ups and to apply our skills and experience to create the best possible working environment for this innovation to thrive.

If you live and work in Plymouth you will develop an integral connection with the waterfront. You cannot escape it’s allure and enchantment. It captures your heart and captivates your senses in a way that is impossible to escape.

Our work has long been associated with working and living beside the water and our portfolio of work includes many buildings that have become a part of the waterfront landscape, from the Fishmarket on the Barbican to the Azure Apartments on the Hoe to the Village by the Sea at Mountwise.

ADG is part of the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership and Marc Nash, a director at ADG, chairs the Advisory Panel, whose aim is to establish Plymouth’s waterfront as a major visitor destination in the South West.

We have an amazing legacy which was highlighted in a recent film made by the Institute of Civil Engineers and if you have not seen it you should check it out. Engineering Plymouth is narrated by Dawn French and takes a quick ramble through the astounding engineering behind the development of the waterfront. It is humbling for us to be a part of this journey and as Isaac Newton is alleged to have said, “If I see further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.



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