Cardinal House

Cardinal House Mayfair London

Mayfair, London


Cardinal House Mayfair London

In a single day, this development transformed a prime site in Mayfair from a five storey building to a six-storey building with the completed addition of a luxury penthouse.

The most innovative part of the project was that the steel-framed modular sections were constructed off-site and lifted on top of the existing building with the aid of a 200 ton crane and assembled in less than 24 hours.

Cardinal House Mayfair London

The two-bedroomed, 130 sqm penthouse was built outside central london and then moved in six sections to its final location near Piccadilly and the Ritz.

The penthouse was lifted complete with its luxury interior intact - an italian designer kitchen, soft furnishings, french oak floors and an integrated wireless entertainment system, all developed through the use of ADG architecture, ADG interiors and with additional input from ADG Integra and specific site management assistance from adgs technical team.